How To Use Custom Ribbons For Your Church Youth Conference

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How To Use Custom Ribbons For Your Church Youth Conference

15 October 2017
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Are you a leader in your church's youth program? If so, you might be very involved in planning a youth retreat or a youth conference. Using customized ribbons from the beginning until the end of the event will make it more special and more memorable. From selecting custom bracelets to choosing custom ribbons for awards, here are some ideas that might help you:

Create A Committee -

If you haven't created a committee of those who can help you, consider doing that soon. Just remember that the more people you have, the more brainstorming there will be. And, of course, many hands make a lighter load for everybody. And, don't forget to include responsible youth on your committee. Keep a record of contact information of each person on your committee so it will be easy to reach him or her.

  • Your committee can choose a theme for the youth event.
  • Select somebody who will be in charge of ordering customized ribbons.
  • Be sure the order is placed early so there won't be disappointments later on.

Start With Custom Bracelets -

Even before the time of your youth retreat, give those who enroll a custom bracelet with the theme written on it. For example, if you have chosen something like Reach For The Stars or Follow The Right Path as the theme, have that theme customized on the rubber bracelets you have selected.

  • Think about choosing different colors for the bracelets.
  • That will help at the event when you want to divide the kids into groups.
  • Don't worry too much about sizing, as the bracelets are expandable.

Select Custom Ribbons -

While the custom bracelets were a great way to introduce the theme of your youth event, custom ribbons will be a reminder of the theme throughout the conference. Again, consider choosing ribbons in different colors so that they can designate different things.

  • Think of giving a custom ribbon for each class the kids attend.
  • if you have games, give ribbons that designate First, Second, and Third places.
  • Consider giving special ribbons to those who head workshops.

The custom bracelets and custom ribbons will be a reminder of the youth conference after it is over. Think of a special way that the participants can keep the customized bracelets and ribbons when they are back at home. For example, give everybody a lanyard to hold their keepsakes. Another idea is to give the participants mini bulletin boards with the theme printed on them. Having the lanyards or the bulletin boards on their bedroom walls will be a reminder of the things they learned and the fun they had at the youth conference.