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About ten years ago now, I realized that I wasn't really enjoying my workout routine. I started gaining a little weight and laying off at the gym, and it really made things more difficult. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended some great sports that might help me to master different exercises, and it opened up a whole new world for me. Before I knew it, I was playing basketball to improve my core strength and enjoying soccer to get better at running. Check out this blog for great information on how to become stronger each and every day--I know that it will improve your life.


Why an RV Camping Trip Is Unique

16 October 2020
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Whether you are taking a trip with your partner or your whole family, there are many different attractions you can find when you have an RV trip. If you are wondering what to do with so many border restrictions that have canceled your ideas for a holiday, then why not explore a few more remote areas of your own backyard? Here are a few reasons why you should consider trying RV camping instead of using traditional camping supplies. Read More …

Look for a Kayak Storage Rack That Has These Attributes

9 September 2020
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When storing your kayak, it often makes sense to do so inside of your garage. Garage storage protects the kayak from the elements, as well as keeps it safe from the risk of theft. One of the most common ways to store your kayak in your garage is with a storage rack that mounts to the wall. Many wall racks are available on the market, but they generally consist of a pair of arms where you set the vessel. Read More …