Tips To Increase Your Enjoyment Of A Nighttime Fishing Charter

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Tips To Increase Your Enjoyment Of A Nighttime Fishing Charter

18 December 2017
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Although lots of fishing charters are scheduled to depart from the dock in the morning and arrive back later in the afternoon, there are some that offer nighttime fishing. Fishing once the sun has gone down can be highly productive, especially if you book a charter in which the captain knows all of the ideal fishing spots in the area. If you haven't previously gone fishing at night, you'll find that while many of the strategies are the same, the game is dramatically different. To maximize your enjoyment of your first nighttime fishing charter, here are some tips to use.

Pick The Right Night

You don't use lights when you're out on the water during a nighttime fishing charter, so you don't want to be stumbling around and struggling to fish. One simple way to make your first experience a little easier is to book your charter for a night that has a full moon. Some online research or even just looking at a wall calendar can often indicate this date; you'll want to book well in advance, however, as you won't be the only angler with this idea. Don't worry if you can't get a booking on the night of the full moon. A night or two before it will also yield desirable conditions.

Equip Yourself With The Right Line

You'll want to make some changes to your fishing gear in advance of your nighttime fishing charter. Perhaps most importantly, it's time to think about changing your line. Fluorescent fishing line is ideal because is glows under black light. While conventional lights won't be used on the vessel, the use of black lights is common in many cases. In fact, some fishing boats are equipped with low-output black lights that aim away from the vessel; fluorescent line will be easily visible in these conditions, allowing you to better see where you're fishing.

Choose The Proper Tackle

You always want to use the right tackle for whatever type of fish you're after, but things can change after dark. Depending on the degree of light in the night sky, as well as factors such as the wind — which can often pick up over the water at night — you want to be sure that you have the right tackle. When you book your nighttime fishing charter, make sure to ask for some tackle recommendations. Then, clean out your tackle box except for the lures that you expect to use. In low-light conditions, the last thing you need is to be sorting through lures that you won't be using.

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