What's The Point Of Modifying Your Firearms?

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What's The Point Of Modifying Your Firearms?

23 January 2018
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Tactical grips, adjustable stocks, low lighting sights and many other accessories are part of any firearm enthusiast's discussions as much as the firearm itself, but why do they matter? Some have an obvious benefit when using the firearm in general situations, while others seem to have niche applications for specific types of shooting sports, combat situations, or other events. Here are a few firearm modifications to help you understand why you may opt for certain accessories or changes over others--or why you should make changes at all.

Custom Rifle And Shotgun Stocks

For long firearms such as rifles and shotguns, the stock is a vital stabilizer. It tucks into the area between your chest and shoulder to give you a good level of control for a weapon that may be a bit hard to control without significant forearm conditioning, and modern stocks have shock-absorbing materials to control the recoil after firing.

One popular change to long firearms is the tactical stock. The term tactical is fairly broad and is used to describe anything that grants an advantage to gain a specific military end. This usually means something that can improve a soldier or law enforcement officer's chances in combat. Tactical stocks are usually made of fiberglass or another easily customizable material other than wood.

Some tactical options include ammo-mounting features, which allows the user to attach shotgun shells or an extra load of ammunition on the stock for quick retrieval instead of reaching for a magazine. Tactical stocks may also include precision-cut holes that allow easier grip during different circumstances so that the user can fire with some stability when quickly grabbing a weapon, but without having to rest the stock squarely against their shoulder.

Low Light Sights

The sight is important for getting precision aim on a target, but they're not made equally and may not be helpful in all situations. Night or low light firing is one of those situations where you must make changes if you want any chance of hitting a target.

Glow in the dark is the general concept, but there are multiple ways to approach the issue. Some glow in the dark paint can be so bright that a halo of light can obscure the target, making it even harder to line up your sights. Some precise low light sights are fine for sport shooting, but in combat situations, a soldier may give a sniper or an astute enemy soldier a lit target to follow.

There are many brands that offer different types of low light features, and there is a constant push to deliver as much of an accurate illumination without becoming a beacon for an enemy target.

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