Why You Need Special Tackle For Saltwater Fishing

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Why You Need Special Tackle For Saltwater Fishing

21 February 2018
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You really enjoy fishing. In fact, you enjoy it so much that you want to take the next step up and go saltwater fishing on a trawler. However, before you get all excited about this fishing trip, you should know that you need special tackle for saltwater fishing. You cannot take your freshwater fishing tackle and poles and expect to fish in the ocean! Here is why you need special rods, reels, poles and tackle for this ocean-going adventure.

One Word- Saltwater

The salt in seawater is very corrosive. Even after a single ocean fishing adventure, the saltwater will dehydrate and leave hardened salt crystals behind. Those crystals can scratch up your reels and damage everything metal in a hurry. You need reels and tackle that will shuck off the saltwater and not allow the salt crystals to collect. That is why there are special sea fishing instruments and equipment.

BIG Fish

The ocean has a ton of really big fish. If you are going after one of these prize fish, you cannot use the same poles or lines you would use to catch pan fish like bluegills and crappies. You need heavy duty fishing line and poles that can withstand the weight of a full grown man hanging off of them. That is what it will take to pull in a swordfish, a shark, etc., without snapping in two like a twig.

Tackle with the Right Hooks

Have you ever seen the bait tackle used to score a giant fish? They are a few sizes shy of a whaler's harpoon! If you were to cast out your largest bait tackle or lure, it would do nothing to attract the kinds of fish you want. It also would not hook and hold in the large mouths of the ocean fish, either. You need some serious hook lures to go after ocean fish.

Where to Get Your Equipment on Short Notice

Usually, you can find used saltwater fishing tackle for sale through local classified ads or at pawn shops. It will save you a few bucks, which is good if you decide that you never want to go ocean fishing again. Some trawler captains that offer ocean fishing tours may already have equipment you can use, and it may or may not be included in the price of the tour. Additionally, it is nice to have your own equipment because if it is damaged or you lose it, you do not have to pay the captain for it.

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