3 Reasons to Buy a Silencer for Your 9mm Handgun

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3 Reasons to Buy a Silencer for Your 9mm Handgun

30 December 2020
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

Many people own a firearm, whether for personal defense or recreation. 9mm handguns are an especially popular type of firearm for those who want to be able to protect themselves and their families. Many handgun owners also enjoy using their guns at indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. Whether you have owned a 9mm for years or have just purchased one, you should seriously think about buying a pistol silencer to attach to your gun.

Some of the top reasons to purchase a silencer for your 9mm handgun include:

Protect Your Ears

Firing a normal 9mm handgun produces an extremely loud sound, which can be very harmful to a person's ears. Even when you're at a shooting range, your ears can still sustain damage over time despite wearing ear protection. If you have to fire your handgun unexpectedly without ear protection, you may notice immediate issues with your ears, such as ringing in the ears. One of the best things about having a silencer on your handgun is the fact that having one will drastically reduce how loud your gun is when you fire a shot, which means that your ears will be at much less risk of damage due to the high decibel noise created by a gunshot. 

Avoid Recoil

One of the challenges of firing a firearm is the recoil after a shot is fired. The recoil can be intimidating for new gun owners, but even those experienced with shooting a handgun can be affected by it. When you have a silencer on your 9mm, the amount of recoil when you shoot will be a lot less. This means that you can feel more confident when using your handgun. In addition, a silencer can also suppress the burst of light that often occurs when a bullet exits the chamber, so you will have a clearer view when making a second shot.

Improve Your Shooting Skills

Many people who purchase a silencer for their 9mm find that their shooting skills and the accuracy of their shot improve. This often happens due to a weaker recoil, less noise, and no burst of light when the gun is fired. If you own a gun, you most likely want to be the best shot possible. Getting a silencer for your handgun is a simple and easy way to help you improve your aim and accuracy.

For more information on the benefits of pistol silencers, contact an expert on handguns and other firearms.