Keeping Your Kids Safe When Firearms Are In The Home

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Keeping Your Kids Safe When Firearms Are In The Home

3 August 2021
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

If you are a gun owner who has children, you may be concerned about the safety of your youngsters, especially if your guns are kept at home. Many gun owners shoot recreationally and maintain their devices at their residences.

Still, there are measures that you can take to help ensure that your children remain safe in your home when firearms are present. Here are a few of them.

Keep Your Firearms Out of Sight

Children are quite curious, and they enjoy mimicking their parents. If your children have seen you fire your gun, they are likely eager to engage in the same activity. Thus, it is important to keep your guns out of sight.

Your firearms should be stored securely in cabinets, safes, or other areas of your home that are out of a child's reach and are not readily visible. Children are less likely to be tempted to handle a gun that they cannot see.

Lock Your Guns Away in Containers With Childproof Locks

Instead of storing your guns loosely, be sure to place them in a container that includes a child-resistant lock. Additionally, if a child accesses a cabinet where a gun is stored, the gun should not be uncontained. Instead, it should be enclosed in a container that includes a lock that a child cannot easily open.

Remove Unneeded Guns From Your Home

If you have a number of firearms that you no longer need or use, consider disposing of the guns. You can contact a law enforcement officer in your area for recommendations concerning the best way to dispose of your unneeded firearms.

Keep Your Ammunition Separate

A gun should be fully unloaded before it is stored. Rather than keeping the ammunition in the same area as the firearm, if there are children in your home, you should store the ammunition separately.

The ammunition should also be stored in containers with child-resistant locks. Additionally, like firearms, ammunition should be stored out of sight.

Teach Your Child the Dangers of Improper Gun Use

Your children may be curious about your guns. Discussing the proper function of the devices can help quell their curiosity.

Without an explanation, some children may view guns as toys, especially if they have seen television shows or video games that incorporated the use of guns. Nevertheless, when you explain the ability of a gun to cause harm, your child may be less likely to handle a gun without your supervision.

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