Manual And Electronic Duck Call Functions And Usage Tips

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Manual And Electronic Duck Call Functions And Usage Tips

24 January 2022
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

The sound that a single duck tends to make when separated from its flock will differ from the sound a team of ducks will make when approaching a food source. There are many distinct calls that ducks use to communicate with one another. The use of a manual or electronic duck call may help you lure wild ducks.

A Manual Call

Manual calls are constructed of wood, acrylic, or polycarbonate materials. Often, a manual call is referred to as a mouth blown duck call. This type of tool contains a reed, which an end user must blow into. The length of the reed and the material composition that a manual call is constructed of can impact the authenticity of each duck sound that is produced.

The reed type may have a bearing on whether a duck call is long and drawn out or short and abrupt. Dense materials that contain metal accent pieces may aid with creating pitches that sound like real waterfowl. Manual calls vary in price and some hunters who enjoy recreational duck hunting trips may need to practice using a manual call.

An Electronic Call

An electronic call is designed to be portable. A call may feature a waterproof exterior and playback buttons. An electronic device may contain several pre-recorded sounds that were either attained by capturing audio sounds from real ducks or by creating synthesized versions of duck calls. An electronic duck call may contain batteries. A quality call may contain batteries that can be recharged and a separate charging cord. 

The Use Of Either Type Of Call

The use of either a manual or electronic duck call will require handling the call, learning the manner in which sounds are produced, and familiarizing oneself with a list of distinct calls and what they mean. People who have studied duck patterns can quickly identify a particular duck call and its meaning. A duck call should only be used in a jurisdiction where recreational hunting is allowed.

Responsible duck call usage involves tracking ducks, being mindful of other hunters, and creating duck sounds several minutes before active hunting will begin. If there are no ducks in a particular region, this does not mean that a call's sounds are ineffective. Sometimes, it will be essential to test out duck calling equipment in various locations. Learning about a duck's natural habitat and mannerisms will aid with selecting a prime location to lure ducks.