Consider These Options When You Buy A Rifle Sling

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Consider These Options When You Buy A Rifle Sling

15 December 2022
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Your local gun shop is a good place to visit not only when you want to buy a new rifle, but also when you wish to shop for one or more accessories for the firearm. There are all sorts of valuable accessories to consider for a rifle, but one thing that you'll strongly want to consider is a sling. A rifle sling will come in handy every time you pick up the rifle, whether you're hunting, practicing at a local shooting range, or using the gun in any other way. Here are some options that you'll want to consider when you buy a rifle sling.


Rifle slings are available in a few different materials, so it's smart to evaluate your options and decide what will look best with your firearm. The two most common materials are woven nylon and leather. The latter material will typically offer a traditional look, which can work well if you're going to be using it with a traditional-looking rifle. Conversely, if you have a modern-looking rifle that you're planning to equip with a selection of modern accessories, a woven nylon sling will offer more of a contemporary appearance that you appreciate.


You should also expect to see rifle slings in a number of widths. You'll want to evaluate the options, consider the pros and cons of each width, and decide what product will best suit you. Thicker rifle slings can be more comfortable to wear, which can be a good choice if you're pairing your new sling with a rifle that is especially heavy. Narrow slings, which can work well on lighter-weight firearms, can also be appealing to some people because they can feel less bulky on the body.

Adjustment Points

Many rifle slings are adjustable, but as you compare different products, you'll often see that the number of adjustment points can vary from sling to sling. For example, you'll see slings with metal buckles that you can adjust in just a few positions and other slings that you can adjust in many more positions. The latter style can be appealing if you plan to use the rifle several times a year. For example, when you wear heavy outerwear during a winter hunt, you'll want to be able to adjust the sling so that it's longer, which will allow it to fit more comfortably over your added bulk. Visit a gun shop to look for the right rifle sling for you.

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