4 Birthday Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has Pink Motocross Boots

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4 Birthday Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has Pink Motocross Boots

12 July 2017
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If you know someone who owns pink motocross boots, finding a birthday present for them is quite easy. From the boots, you know they love both motocross and pink—no one who doesn't have these passions would have pink motocross boots. Another motocross accessory that looks good with their pink boots will be a well-received gift. Here are a few accessories to consider giving such an individual as a birthday present, and some tips on getting them.

A Pink Motocross Helmet

A pink motocross helmet won't be cheap—riders typically pay a little over $200 for their helmet, and a stylish one may cost more than average. A pink motocross helmet is the perfect complement to pink motocross boots, though. With both pieces of gear, your recipient will have pink accents on the top and bottom of their outfit.

If you're going to purchase a pink helmet for someone, you might want to give them a gift certificate to a motocross store and tell them it's specifically for a pink helmet. This way, you'll still be giving them a unique gift that you've put thought into. They'll, however, be able to pick a helmet that fits comfortably and provides the field of vision they want when riding. You don't want to give a pink helmet, only to find they don't like the way it sits on their head.

Pink Motocross Goggles

If a pink helmet is outside of your budget, pink goggles for riding are a less expensive alternative. Because they're much smaller than helmets and not designed to protect the entire head, goggles tend to cost just a fraction of what helmets cost. Pink goggles will still provide the dual top-and-bottom pink accents when paired with pink motocross boots, though.

If you're going to give someone a pair of pink motocross goggles for their birthday, try to get a look at their helmet without them around. Check what style goggles they have. Their goggles will likely be kept on or close to their helmet. Also, measure the circumference of their helmet. With this information, you'll be able to pick out a pair of goggles that are the right size and a style they like.

Pink Motocross Gloves

If your recipient already has a pink helmet or goggles, pink motocross gloves are another option. In a motocross outfit, the boots, head gear and gloves are three smaller accessories. Men match their shoes, belt and watch when wearing work clothes, and women match their shoes, purse and jewelry when dressing up. Similarly, it makes sense to match boots, head gear and gloves when wearing a motocross outfit.

Before buying a pair of motocross gloves, check what size gloves your recipient currently has. The size should be clearly labeled on each glove. Get them a pair of gloves that's the same size.

A Yellow or Green Motocross Outfit

If you want to go all out, get your recipient a pair of motocross pants and a motocross jacket. You should only get these if you're able to afford both (and they can be expensive), for an outfit's pants and jacket should always match. It doesn't look good if a motocross outfit's jacket has one pattern and its pants another.

Instead of getting pink motocross pants and jacket, go for a green or yellow set. Getting a different color will ensure the recipient doesn't become a pink monster when they wear all their gear, and green and yellow both go well with pink. Better Homes & Gardens explains how carnation (a type of pink), lime green and gold (a type of yellow) go well together in a room. The combination of yellow, green and pink also looks great on clothing.