4 Gift Ideas For Gun Enthusiasts

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4 Gift Ideas For Gun Enthusiasts

19 November 2017
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With the holidays around the corner, you may be scrambling to buy gifts for everyone on your list. If one of your loved ones is a gun enthusiast, it's a great idea to choose a gift that's related to their hobby. This shows that you care about their interests and will make them happy since your gift will be something they truly enjoy and will use often. Here are a few gun-related gift ideas to choose from:

Pistol Training Classes

A gift certificate to a pistol training class or a series of pre-paid classes is a very thoughtful gift for any pistol lover. Pistol training classes are tailored to a variety of experience levels. If your loved one is a new pistol owner, a beginner class will teach them the fundamentals of operating and shooting a pistol as well as go over the fundamentals of safety. If they are more advanced, they can take classes geared toward drills, competitive shooting, or even tactical, military-inspired classes.

A High-Tech Gun Safe

One of the most important aspects of safe gun ownership is securely storing your guns in a safe. A great gift idea is to upgrade your loved one's old gun safe to a newer, more high-tech model. Today's gun safes can incorporate smart technology so the owner is able to lock and unlock the safe remotely using their smartphone, and no one else will be able to access it. Other high-tech safes incorporate fingerprint technology. High-tech safes can even include GPS so that the owner or the police can easily track it down if the safe is stolen.

A Pistol Magazine Loader

Loading a pistol the conventional way can really slow your gun enthusiast down when they're at the shooting range. A pistol magazine loader makes the loading process much faster, more automated, and seamless. This allows your loved one to spend more time shooting and less time loading their pistol.

Electronic Earmuffs

Electronic earmuffs designed specifically for the gun range make a very thoughtful gift. These earmuffs manage to muffle the sound of gunfire while amplifying the sound of conversation. These earmuffs are a big improvement over older types of earmuffs, which either didn't block out the loud noise of gunfire adequately or made it impossible to have a conversation. Electronic earmuffs make a day at the gun range much more pleasant and also help protect your loved one's hearing and ears.

The gun enthusiast will be pleasantly surprised and touched when they receive any of the gifts on this list.