Tips For Your First Trip To A California Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

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Tips For Your First Trip To A California Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

16 January 2019
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If you have never previously consumed marijuana and now that it's legal for recreational use in California you want to visit a dispensary near your home, then these tips will make the experience go smoothly:

Tip: Bring Your State-Issued ID or Driver's License

As with purchasing alcohol in the state of California, you need to be 21 years old to purchase recreational marijuana. In fact, you must be 21 just to enter a dispensary. 

Even if you are decades older, you still need to bring your state-issued identification card or driver's license to the dispensary. They are required by law to check your ID at the door and you will be refused entry if you don't have one with you.

Since those under age are not allowed into a dispensary, ensure everyone on your shopping trip is old enough to enter.

Tip: Educate Yourself About the Various Strains of Cannabis

Since you don't have any previous experience with cannabis, it's important you understand it has various strains. Each strain will have different effects on your body. For example, indicia strains will give you energy while sativa strains will make you sleepy.

Since most dispensaries in the state have websites listing their offerings, take some time before you leave home to browse the product offerings and do some research online as to their effects. Armed with this prior research, you can better communicate your desires with the budtender who helps you select your products.

Tip: Let Your Budtender Know It is Your First Dispensary Visit

If you feel embarrassed or strange about visiting a dispensary for the first time, then you need to know it is completely normal. Imagine how people felt when they went out in public and bought alcohol for the first time after prohibition ended!

When you visit the dispensary, make sure you let the budtender know it is your first visit and that you have never consumed marijuana. This is very important because it helps the budtender mold their recommendations to strains that are mild and most likely to give you the desired results.

Tip: Don't Over Do It

Finally, the dispensary isn't going anywhere and you can always return for more product or other options that are stronger. Since your body has never been exposed to THC, go slowly and don't over do it on your first experience. Purchase a mild strain and sample it a bit at a time to see how it affects you.