Surfing And Boogie Boarding Gear That Can Be Rented

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Surfing And Boogie Boarding Gear That Can Be Rented

27 May 2022
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Surfing and boogie boarding equipment can be rented out at many surf shops. Rental equipment will provide you with the essentials needed to transport and use the items you select.

The Board

First, you will need to decide upon which type of board to rent. Beginner surfboards are wide and long, providing plenty of surface space to float or stand upon. A beginner board may contain a foam surface. This type of board is designed to be lightweight and transportable. Fiberglass boards and smaller foam boards may also be featured at a shop.

Boogie boards are one of the smallest types of boards available. A rider will be in a prone position while boogie boarding and will remain in close contact with the surface of the water. If a rental is going to need to be transported via a vehicle, a rental shop may provide straps and tie-downs that can be used to secure a board to a vehicle's roof. 

The Wetsuit

A rental board can be acquired for an hourly rate. One can also be secured for an entire day. During a long surfing or boogie boarding stint, an end-user may want to wear thermal clothing. A wetsuit can be rented at many surf shops.

This type of garment will be constructed of neoprene or similar material that has thermal properties. A wetsuit is designed to keep the body covered. One may feature long sleeves and legs or may contain short sleeves and legs. All wetsuits are laundered and sanitized, prior to being rented out.

Additional Requirements

A rental agreement will be furnished through a shop. A client may need to leave a copy of their license with a shop owner or may be required to pay a deposit. If any damage occurs to a board, a client may be charged an extra fee. A board should remain strapped around a client's ankle while they are actively surfing. This accessory will be furnished with a rental.

It is an end user's responsibility to keep up with the rental equipment that they acquire. If a board is lost or stolen, a consumer may need to pay for a new board. If someone is new to the sport of surfing, they should seek a lesson from a trained surfer. A lesson will help a new surfer learn how to position their body and will provide a surfer with some tips that will keep them safe while they are actively surfing. 

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