3 Bike Fitting Options To Consider

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3 Bike Fitting Options To Consider

6 September 2022
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If you want your bicycle to be properly adjusted to suit your body and even your riding style, your best bet is to book a professional bike fitting at a local bike shop. These shops have all sorts of packages for you to consider, ranging from simple to complex. If there's a bicycle shop in your community, you can browse its website to learn about the specific steps in each of its bike fitting packages. Here are three bike fitting options for you to think about.

As Part Of Your Purchase

If you're in the market for a new bicycle, you may wish to think about the subject of bike fitting when you shop. At many shops, a basic bike fitting will be included in the purchase price of your new bike. This is especially true when you shop for a higher-end bike. Purchasing your bike when it includes a fitting is convenient. You can shop for the make and model that you want, and then have a technician perform the fitting before you leave the store to take your new bike home.

After A Purchase

A lot of people buy new bicycles from places that don't offer fittings. For example, if you're shopping for a bike at a local big box store, it won't likely include a fitting. Similarly, this service won't typically be available to you if you shop for a bicycle online. If you've found something that you wish to buy, don't be discouraged if you aren't able to get a fitting from the vendor. Instead, you can take your new bicycle to a local shop for a fitting. Many people take this approach, opting for a proper fitting before they ride the bicycle to ensure that it's set up properly for them from the start.

With An Existing Bike

It's possible that you've been riding the same bike for years but that you never had a proper fitting. It's never too late to consider this service, and you can take your existing bike to a local shop to get this work done. You may be aware of certain indicators that suggest a fitting is necessary. For example, even if you've ridden your bike countless hours, you may often notice back pain after riding. This can suggest that your bike isn't properly set up for your height, and a fitting will make the changes that will ensure you don't suffer back pain after future rides.

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