4 Things To Know About Alligator Hunting In Florida

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4 Things To Know About Alligator Hunting In Florida

30 October 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

If you want to catch an alligator and use its skin to create some apparel for yourself, one of the top spots to hunt an alligator is the state of Florida. Before you head down to Florida to catch yourself an alligator, there are a few things you need to understand about alligator hunting in the state of Florida.

#1 You Can't Use A Firearm To Catch A Gator

It is against the law to use a firearm to catch an alligator in the state of Florida. Part of the thinking behind this ban is that it may be easy to shoot an alligator, but just because you shot the alligator does not mean you have any chance of catching the alligator and retrieving its body once it has died.

#2 You Have To Attach A Line To A Gator

When you go hunting, the first thing you have to do is attach a line to the gator before you kill it. You need to have a line attached to the gator so that you can pull the gator into your boat once you kill the alligator. It is common to use a harpoon or crossbow to attach the line to the gator.

Once the line is in place, you can then kill the alligator. The most common tool used to kill an alligator is a bangstick. It can be stuck underwater and is a quick and fast way to kill an alligator. You ideally want to make the kill as quick as possible to prevent the alligator from suffering and from struggling against you too much.

#3 You Can't Use A Baited Hook

Going hunting for an alligator is not like going fishing. You cannot use a baited hook to catch an alligator. If you are not able to actually catch and kill the alligator, it could get away with the hook inside of it and end up injured and hurt in the water. However, you can use a wood peg with bait attached to it. The thinking behind this is that a wood peg can allow you to pull an alligator in, but if the alligator gets away, the wood peg will not injure the alligator. If you use a wood peg, though, it has to be attached to a rod and cannot be left unattended.

#4 You Have To Apply For A Permit

You cannot just go down to Florida whenever you like and kill an alligator. You have to apply for a lottery in the different locations where permits are issued. When you are issued a permit, it is for a specific county, body of water, or wildlife management area. The state of Florida tries to control the overall population of alligators and works hard to prevent overhunting of this animal.

If it is your first time going alligator hunting in the state of Florida, you may want to hire a guide to help you learn the laws you have to follow when you go alligator hunting and to help you learn the best techniques for capturing a gator. Talk with a professional, or visit websites like Chasinbacon.com, for more information.