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About ten years ago now, I realized that I wasn't really enjoying my workout routine. I started gaining a little weight and laying off at the gym, and it really made things more difficult. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended some great sports that might help me to master different exercises, and it opened up a whole new world for me. Before I knew it, I was playing basketball to improve my core strength and enjoying soccer to get better at running. Check out this blog for great information on how to become stronger each and every day--I know that it will improve your life.


Tips To Increase Your Enjoyment Of A Nighttime Fishing Charter

18 December 2017
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Although lots of fishing charters are scheduled to depart from the dock in the morning and arrive back later in the afternoon, there are some that offer nighttime fishing. Fishing once the sun has gone down can be highly productive, especially if you book a charter in which the captain knows all of the ideal fishing spots in the area. If you haven't previously gone fishing at night, you'll find that while many of the strategies are the same, the game is dramatically different. Read More …

Three Maintenance Chores You Should Perform On Your Boat In Spring

30 November 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

If you've recently purchased a center console boat so that you can enjoy salt water or lake fishing at your convenience rather than having to schedule a charter, you're probably looking forward to enjoying summer days on the water with family and friends -- or even making some solo trips to soak up some peaceful solitude on an occasional basis. However, if this is your first adventure with owning your own boat, you may be unfamiliar with basic maintenance tasks. Read More …

4 Gift Ideas For Gun Enthusiasts

19 November 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

With the holidays around the corner, you may be scrambling to buy gifts for everyone on your list. If one of your loved ones is a gun enthusiast, it's a great idea to choose a gift that's related to their hobby. This shows that you care about their interests and will make them happy since your gift will be something they truly enjoy and will use often. Here are a few gun-related gift ideas to choose from: Read More …

4 Things To Know About Alligator Hunting In Florida

30 October 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

If you want to catch an alligator and use its skin to create some apparel for yourself, one of the top spots to hunt an alligator is the state of Florida. Before you head down to Florida to catch yourself an alligator, there are a few things you need to understand about alligator hunting in the state of Florida. #1 You Can't Use A Firearm To Catch A Gator It is against the law to use a firearm to catch an alligator in the state of Florida. Read More …

How To Use Custom Ribbons For Your Church Youth Conference

15 October 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

Are you a leader in your church's youth program? If so, you might be very involved in planning a youth retreat or a youth conference. Using customized ribbons from the beginning until the end of the event will make it more special and more memorable. From selecting custom bracelets to choosing custom ribbons for awards, here are some ideas that might help you: Create A Committee - If you haven't created a committee of those who can help you, consider doing that soon. Read More …