3 Informative Things to Expect to See on Packages in Cannabis Dispensaries

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3 Informative Things to Expect to See on Packages in Cannabis Dispensaries

6 March 2019
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Stepping into a cannabis dispensary in a weed-legal state can be a bit like taking a trip through the twilight zone if you are visiting from a place where marijuana use is still illegal and somewhat socially taboo. You will enter a world where cannabis is perfectly proportioned, packaged, and posed for sale just as herbal supplements and natural foods at the local health foods store are. As much fun as it can be when you are stoked about your first visit to a dispensary, there are a few things you may learn while you shop. Check out some of the information you can learn just by examining the packaging of most legal cannabis products.  

Expect to see the THC content in different products. 

Are you concerned about how much THC you'll be getting with your first cannabis edible? Are you a little worried about picking up that package of Leafs By Snoop or Willie's Reserve that's a bit too potent for your liking? Luckily, the formalized cannabis industry has made it much easier for consumers to understand cannabis as a usable product by placing THC levels and potency information right on packaging labels. If you've only ever picked up cannabis from a friend in an unmarked bag, this info can be quite interesting and helpful. 

Expect to see information about the proper consumption of the product. 

Maybe you've used cannabis in the past, but if you are like most who come from a state where this herb is illegal, there's a good chance that what you used and how you used it was just a good guess. In a dispensary, however, the products you pick up could very well portray usage and dosage directions right on the package. For example, you may find a cannabis-infused chocolate bar that states on the label you should only eat one pip. 

Expect to see warnings about the effects of using the products. 

Shopping at a legal dispensary is not all fun and games; there's a serious side to using cannabis, just as there is a serious side to using something like alcohol. Therefore, don't be frightened away if you spot some warnings on product labels. You may see warnings about consuming the product while driving, about offering products to minors, or about cannabis not being FDA approved. Most consumers, even those new to legal marijuana, do already understand the risks, but if you feel a little in the dark, examine the labels. You'll likely find warning information to help you along. 

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