Look for a Kayak Storage Rack That Has These Attributes

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Look for a Kayak Storage Rack That Has These Attributes

9 September 2020
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

When storing your kayak, it often makes sense to do so inside of your garage. Garage storage protects the kayak from the elements, as well as keeps it safe from the risk of theft. One of the most common ways to store your kayak in your garage is with a storage rack that mounts to the wall. Many wall racks are available on the market, but they generally consist of a pair of arms where you set the vessel. When you're evaluating different kayak wall storage racks, look for these attributes before you choose one to buy.

Foam Padding

You'll sometimes come across lower-end storage racks that have bare aluminum arms. While this design might be more affordable than some of its counterparts, it's not as ideal as a product that has foam padding that covers that arms on which your kayak will sit. The padding is valuable for preventing scratches when you set the boat down onto the rack and slide it back toward the wall. The presence of the foam, which often has a nylon or a rubber cover over it, provides a cushioned layer that will protect the edges of your kayak while it sits in place.

Adjustable Straps

You should also look for a storage system that has adjustable straps that will help to hold the kayak in place. The kayak should sit securely on the pair of arms, but if you were to accidentally bump into the vessel while working in the garage, it might potentially fall off. Adjustable canvas straps that stretch over the top of the kayak will keep it in place, even if you make inadvertent contact with it. You can pull these straps to tighten them down against the boat and then unbuckle them when you need to remove the kayak from the rack.

Multiple Mounting Holes

Generally, you'll screw the rack into a pair of wall studs to ensure that the rack stays in place. When you're looking at different products, try to find one that has multiple mounting holes. This is especially important if your kayak is on the heavier side. Multiple mounting holes on each piece of the rack mean that you'll use several heavy screws to hold the rack securely against the wall of your garage, thus negating the risk of the rack pulling away from the wall over time due to the weight of the kayak.