What To Consider When Taking Your First White Water Rafting Trip

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What To Consider When Taking Your First White Water Rafting Trip

15 February 2023
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White water rafting is a great summer activity that can be great for small groups, families, or even an individual that wants to get out and enjoy the water and have some excitement at the same time. Beginner white water rafting trips with guides that teach you how to navigate the water and control the boat are a good starting point and can focus on the fun while teaching you the technical aspects of rafting.

Finding A Rafting Excursion To Join 

Beginner what water rafting trips are available in many areas of the country, and often you will not have to go far to find one. Trips aimed at beginners often travel smaller, slower, and less dangerous rivers than more advanced trips, but they offer you the time to learn the sport and build your skills up before taking on bigger water. 

The first trip down the river can be intimidating, so look for a guided trip for new rafters or people with limited skills. The instructors should be willing to show you the skills you need to control the boat, how to work together with other rafters, and what to watch for as you approach white water or rapids along the route. 

If you are traveling to go rafting, you will need a program with lodging and other amenities nearby, so check the area before booking your rafting trip. You may want to call the rafting service to ask about their programs and if they can combine camping and other activities to make your trip complete. 

Learn As You Go

Beginner white water rafting trips will often start on slow parts of the river so you have time to learn some skills as you float down the calm areas. The instructors will typically go over some things with the group before you leave the shoreline, but learning to paddle, back paddle, and steer are all easier on the water through practice. 

The trip is not supposed to be scary, but beginner trips will have some small rapids along the route that can be exciting and could result in tipping a boat over if you are not paying attention to the instructor. Once you have a few beginner trips under your belt, you can advance to more technical waters and white water rafting trips that last several days or longer on the water. 

Take your time to learn the skills necessary and get comfortable with the water, the boats, and the navigation skills. When you are ready, you can look for classes or trips for advanced beginners, and in no time you will be a white water rafting expert with the skills to take on larger rivers and fast-moving water. 

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